Oak Island has retained Peter A. Ravella Consulting, LLC (PARC) to develop a funding strategy to implement the town's future beach nourishment program.

This website was created by PARC and is dedicated to the development of the funding strategy.

Funding the Oak Island Beach Nourishment Program

The Town of Oak Island has nine miles of beautiful beaches but sadly these beaches, loved by all are eroding away. Homes, businesses and the town's tourism, economy all depend on a wide healthy beach.

Faced with a clear problem, the Town has stared to plan future beach nourishment projects to address the beach erosion problem.

Moffatt & Nichol, an outstanding coastal engineering firm, has been hired to plan, design and permit the Town's future beach nourishment projects.

That's an important first step but, to be successful, the Town has to find a way to fund the beach projects the town sorely needs.

Working with the Oak Island Community, the PARC Team will develop a plan to fund the Town's beach nourishment projects.

We need your help to develop a funding strategy that works best for your town. PARC will be hosting a series of public workshops in March, April, and May to find the best way to fund future beach projects and we need you help.

Through the workshops, you can learn about future beach projects, how much they might cost, and how we can fund them.

We want your input, help, and participation to make the funding strategy the best it can be.

Please join us in this critical effort. You can track the whole funding process through this website, post comments, interact with the PARC Team, and even watch the Funding Workshops on-line.

We look forward to working with you all.

Peter A. Ravella, PARC Team Leader

Public Workshop Schedule

Public Workshop 1A: March 17, Thursday, 6-8pm
Public Workshop 1B: March 19, Saturday, 1-3pm

Public Workshop 2A: April 21, Thursday, 6-8pm
Public Workshop 2B: April 23, Saturday, 1-3pm

Public Workshop 3A: May 19, Thursday, 6-8pm
Public Workshop 3B: May 21, Saturday, 1-3pm

All workshops will be held at the Oak Island Town Hall Council Chambers, 4601 E. Oak Island Drive.

Each workshop series will be repeated on Thursday and Saturday as indicated in the schedule above. You may choose to attend one or both of a series, such as either workshop 1A or 1B.

Watch Public Workshops On-Line

If you cannot attend the Public Workshops in person, don't worry, you can view and participate in the forums in real-time.

Click the tab above named "ONLINE WORKSHOP" and follow the instructions.

Each workshop will be webcast live through this website and you can participate by submitting questions during the presentation. Workshop presentation slides will be saved on this website under the "Workshop Presentations" tab.

If you need help to view the webcast or participate online, please call Lillian Johnson at 512-968-6816. Webcast links will be added to this website soon.

We hope to see you there or online!

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